Hello, how are you?

Yeah, it is a bit rubbish isn’t it?

I had the blessing of doing a socially distanced walk along the beautiful local beach with a dear friend today.

Before you get upset, it was within all the current rules and guidelines.

We have not seen each other in a long time as she was in a Covid cloud.

Her family took it in turns to be tested positive despite following all the recommended advice.

I know several families, or “Bubbles”; as we now refer to them, that are the same.

Covid is very unpredictable!

You might…you might not! Eventually though, you probably will.

I hold my very dear friends very dear to my heart, in fact they are familiar with a message I send sometimes that I am holding them in my heart.

We cannot mend or change or erase the experiences we go through, but friendship is about holding each other in our hearts.

Sometimes it is all we can offer, and we should offer it, like a tiny light in the darkness that is life and all its anxiety.

My dear friend and I were fortunate to bump into another dear friend, and we were able to connect and show just how much we care about each other.

We asked about the things that mean so much to us all; our children, husbands, parents…. The children, husbands and parents of those dear friends we have not had the good fortune to bump into.

As we chatted more dear friends passed by and I could connect with them too.

The thing about coping with this situation is that as human beings we thrive when we connect.

The thing about this virus is that we are having to isolate; we cannot connect.

If you know of someone that has no means of connecting, could I ask you to try anyway?

Leave something nice on their step.

Wave at them through the window.


Text, Zoom, WhatsApp…….. whatever!

You do not need me to tell you, but could I humbly remind you?

My friend noticed today on our walk that I was struggling to be my usual self.

I cursed people that did not “single-file” to maintain social distance, I cursed the numbers of people on the beach, I cursed the dog poo left by less conscientious dog parents….. I cursed a lot!

I like a good curse, I really do, but sadly, I had lost myself in the Covid cloud; it was a beautiful sunny day in my most favourite place with one of my most favourite people and I was obsessed with dog crap!

We really cannot control what others do, we can only control ourselves, and I know this.

I know that to get through this we need to appreciate and soak up the good; Mother Nature, the kindness of strangers, not stepping in the dog crap so selfishly left behind by others, you get what I mean.

I was so blessed today as my friends said that these thoughts that I write and share had given them space to reflect.

I cannot thank them enough as I am as insecure as the next insecure person, however, I feel strongly about connection and reflection and the simplicity of what I do as a Counsellor.

Strong, equal and mutually respectful connections, i.e. that positive relationships can build better mental health.

There is so much we cannot control or change and worry about this strangles us and stops us, like me today, from enjoying the here and now.

In the extreme there are those among us that have to face daily trauma; stepping in dog crap is the least of their experience.

They are working on the frontline of this war and will be haunted by its trauma.

And for those of us worrying and waiting to hear about loved ones being cared for by YOU courageous foot soldiers, THANK YOU.

Sending you all love and positive thoughts, and please realise that good mental health, like anything worthwhile, takes practice.

Love from

Anna x