Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy

Hello. How are you?

Do you like the Spring? Does it hint at brighter, longer days with proud blooms, boldly announcing that summer is just around the corner.

Winter can seem endless, dark and damp, chilling our resolve to be positive. Many of us feel sad through the winter months and those of us that work often miss the daylight bit in the middle unless we tear ourselves away from the workplace and venture outside for some much needed vitamin D.

This is incredibly difficult when depressed or anxious, or both.

Mr and Mrs Cave-Person 3 or so million years ago probably went into some sort of hibernation, hunkered down, away from the chill, probably unaware of feeling sad, instinctively and simply reserving energy, waiting for Spring to release them.

3 million years on and having evolved in so many ways, we still have those instincts, and sadly our caves cost money and we have to go to work, or propel offspring to their places of education, or simply get up and exist in the world.

Once more, this is incredibly difficult when depressed, or anxious, or both.

We still have the survival triggers that Mr and Mrs Cave-Person had but these days the sabre-toothed tiger can be subtle, a perceived insult, a cross word, the lack of tomatoes!

But seriously… what ever your sabre-toothed tiger is, it’s frightening, or overwhelming, or both.

It feels as though your life is in danger. Or the life you want to live is in danger.

The visual above suggests a risky venue… sorry I don’t work from the roof top, but I do have a comfortable, warm room where you can come and talk to me about anything. I will offer you empathy and this will empower you to explore, with my support, what your sabre-toothed tigers are, and how to discover ways to tame them.

Please do get in touch.

Anna x