Hello, how are you?

At this time of year, we are blessed with the transition from Winter to Spring.

The sun comes up earlier and hands over to the moon later.

The daffodils greet us with blissfully bright optimism that’s hard to argue with.

The atmosphere is one of newness, fresh opportunity and aspirant expectation.

Springtime; the epitome of hope.

Do you agree?

Where do you find hope?

Perhaps you cannot find hope.

As human beings, when we find ourselves without hope, we become lost, without purpose, unable to accepts the gifts Mother Nature bestows. We can become depressed. It is difficult to appreciate even the most subtle and delicate snowdrop, let alone the brazen trumpeting of the ever proud, audacious daffodil.

The seasonal transitions are metaphoric, don’t you think?

But, if you find that your Winter persists, refusing to allow the buds to push through the frozen soil to sunlight, could you consider asking for help?

All too often we turn to chemicals to restore hope, whether your chemical of choice is prescription, liquid or powder, sadly, this type of self-soothing will only prolong your winter.

These addictions build becoming all that matters, and we become hosts to the invading parasite.

Daffodils…. What daffodils?

Can you reflect on your addictive behaviour?

Did you lose hope?

Are you looking in the right place?

It’s hard to admit to ourselves or others that we are addicted. It could be exercise, sex, or any dopamine releasing activity that makes us ignore the effect on our health and wellbeing, and then how this risky behaviour effects those we love. This becomes a vicious cycle where it’s difficult to see hope for change, but it is there.

Talk to someone.

Be accountable.

Enjoy the daffodils.

Love from Anna