How are you?

I realise that is a small sentence that can evoke several different responses.

These might be:

“Fine!” or “OK!”

Some go with ….. “Really well thanks, you?”

But really, how are you?

And more to the point when do you get the opportunity to explain how you are truly feeling?

You are politely asked, and you reciprocate, but no real emotions are expressed.

“Actually, I feel like crying. I had to drag myself out of bed. The shower felt like a million knives stabbing me and I was paralysed with fear about what the day will bring.”

“I want to curl up on a warm lap and be told that someone else will take care of me and those I am supposed to take care of.”

“I am scared.”

Some of us are carrying around our past experiences like heavy shopping bags burdening our progress, taking our energy away from the here and now.

How are you????

“I am carrying these bags of my past around and my back and my shoulders and my neck hurt.

I cannot touch or try anything new because I must lift or drag them with me everywhere.

I think about them all the time and there is no space in my head for anything else.”

For many of us fear about the future, anxiety, is very real.

And, unfortunately, feeling depressed about our past is a very real and heavy burden too.

These words, depression and anxiety, are attached to much of modern life, and I know that many of us are having real problems surviving.

Picture this…

You are dragging around very heavy bags full of the stuff that went on before. Your hands are full, your arms ache and your back bends from the burden. You cannot put the bags down; you have carried them for so long that they are a part of you.

You are depressed.

Each day you struggle to get out of bed and shower (after having dragged the heavy bags to the bathroom) and get out to your day.

You cannot think about the future, you are busy carrying bags.

Your anxiety is contemplating unpacking those bags.

What will happen then?

“I am scared.”

Depression and anxiety go pretty much hand in hand.

How might it feel to unpack those bags?

How might it feel to relieve yourself of some of that burden?

Our past does not miraculously unhappen, it still happened. But we can unpack it and put it away, freeing up our hands and lightening our load.

Listen, anxiety about the future will still knock at the door but read my previous blog and think about helping yourself to let go of some of that.

Unfortunately, though, while you are dragging around those bags your hands and your mind are pretty much occupied in a negative way and you will have little energy to engage with anything else.

Sometimes, you might have to consider asking for help, you clever, courageous, beautiful human being.

With love always,