Have a peaceful Christmas…

Hello, how are you?

What are your thoughts about Christmas?

Is it all just too much?

Could you consider giving a gift to yourself?

Have you ever jumped in your car and twenty or so minutes later found yourself at your destination without a clue how you got there; on auto pilot so to speak?

Is your life in auto pilot?

Rushing here and hurrying there, spending money on tat that will thrill for minutes but took you hours to earn the money for.

What might it be like to slow down, breathe deep, smell the sea or the forest fern under a big sky of nature’s beauty?

You are cynical about the benefits of getting out into Mother Natures’ gym?  I can hear your eyes rolling from here!

Here is another “namby pamby” Therapist spouting on about the simple pleasures; smell the roses etc etc.

Well like you I was once cynical and stress drove me to each destination, like so many car journeys, where I would arrive without having taken in the scenery, or a thought for the trail of destruction I may have left in my wake, speeding through chores achieving…….. well achieving them on time I suppose.

It did give me a sugar rush to have ticked certain boxes, but like any sugar rush it is short lived and unfulfilling in a meaningful way.

More importantly, it is unsustainable.

I have been lucky enough to have ended up doing a job I love, but for many of us going to work is a necessity, a means to an end, or unfortunately, a trial to be endured for minimum wage and little respect.

For others their job, although well paid, brings the misery of never-ending assessment, moving goal posts, competition and failure to meet impossible targets.

For some of us, understanding that having enough is the attainable and sustainable idyllic state in which to feel blessed and grateful.

For some us, searching for that Nirvana is a never-ending sufferance of chasing ever unobtainable goals, possessions and relationships that convince us, once reached; we will finally be happy.

I like nice things.

My family and I have been privileged and blessed with nice things, but when times get hard nice things do not fill your stomach or keep a roof over your head.

Nice things do not wrap their arms around you and say, “it’s ok, you are doing ok”.

In fact, nice things simply sit there and say extraordinarily little that is helpful.

The Pandemic has brought with it a plague of financial misery and many of us will be scaling down Christmas this year.

If only we could wrap up hugs and kindness and time spent laughing. Walks on the beach or mossy forest paths, big open skies and genuine compliments….. I could go on and on!

Yeah, I can hear your eyes rolling again!

Here is my challenge; try it.

A little bit of both maybe; it is nice to receive nice things. Maybe it’s about finding that balance.

But back to where I started, what about a gift to yourself.

How might it feel to take that pressure off?

Come and talk to me, I promise I won’t tell you to hug a tree……. Well not straight away!

I wish you all good food, love and warmth this Christmas.

Anna x